Smart Repairs Bolton

Are you looking for a way to get your vehicle back into shape and make sure that all bumps, scrapes, scratches and dents are dealt with? If so, then you’ve come to the right place. Our expertise and knowledge in dealing with various problems like vehicle damage is one of the reasons we’ve been around for more than 25 years – out knowledge of the vehicle market makes it incredibly easy for us to make these changes, and make them look as good as possible.

Our level of knowledge and expertise when it comes to making repairs to vehicles means we can get every single little problem that pops out at us. We are vigilant and engaged with every job that we take on, so we’ll catch even those small nicks that escaped your own attention! Our level of knowledge about how your car should look is one of our strongest points so if you want to make sure that your vehicle comes back to you in perfect shape you should contact us


We can get to work as quickly as possible and deliver the vehicle back to you in the smallest time frame that can be achieved. All Smart-Repair-Boltonminor damage can be fixed and restored totally, so regardless of the problem you can rely on us to find a solution. Scratches, dents, bumps and restorations are all a common part of our day here at AFM, so you can rely on us to fill in the gaps and leave you with a vehicle that looks like it just came off the conveyer belt at the factory!

Everything can be dealt with at your own leisure and convenience, so whatever you need just let us know. Our staff can give you a complete consultation about what has to be put in place, and when. This can make your life so much easier, so if you are struggling to fit your car into the timeline of your week to get it sorted we can help you prepare everything in good time.

Put those fears about your vehicle to the back of your mind and let us make your entire vehicle experience far more pleasant. With the right changes and additions, we can easily fix your vehicle up to the highest possible standards and get you back on the road and proud to be driving your vehicle once again! Not sure what you need? Then contact us to arrange a consultation about how we can help you best.