Auto Body Shop Bolton


At AFM Body Works, we always work to make sure that our clients get a simple and effective service that covers everything they could need.
We run a body shop here in Bolton that has been family owned since 1982. Not only are we completely qualified to take on bodywork, we are paintwork artisans who understand the importance of getting the right style and quality in place as soon as possible.

Vehicle RepairsCar-Preppered-For-Paint

We deliver effective and effective vehicle repairs – had a run-in with a lamppost or a collision with another driver? We can help you repair the bodywork quickly and without having to get involved in long waits with insurance firms.

Insurance Work

We also do assist with insurance work – if you don’t want to deal with insurance companies because of any particular reason, we can do so on your behalf and make sure that you get a fair deal.


We provide effective bodywork changes and additions if you want to make the bodywork of your car look even better. Whatever you want to add on, we can help with the assembly and addition.

Alloy Wheel Refurbishment BoltonAlloy-Wheel-Refurbishment-Bolton

Are your wheels beginning to look a little bald? Do you need them fixed, repaired or replaced? Then we are her to help. We can get you back on the road with tyres that will perform exactly where and when you need them to.

Dent Removal

Lost a bit of your cars quality and shine through a bang with something? Then we can get rid of these dents on sections that have both lost their paintwork and where the paint hasn’t been broken.

Bumper Repair

Smashed your plastic bumper? We can repair it for you as soon as you need it – we can usually do the repairs rather than having to carry out a total replacement, saving you time and money.

SMART Repair

Got a minor issue that you want dealt with? Then we can help you get the bodywork of your car back into shape and looking the part. Otherwise known as Small Medium Area Repair Techniques, these can deal with even the most minor of details.

Custom Re-SpraysRe-Spray

We also help those who want a new look and feel for their car – we can deliver a quality paint scheme based on what you are looking for! So long as you can request the paint scheme and the design, we can happily give you the assistance you need.